How To Sell An Item in Car Farm?

1) Contact Us
Leave us a message about you and your item in our designated area at our home page.
2) Wait For Our Reply
We will contact you in couple days, but at the meantime, please have all the details of your item handy.
3) Photos Photos Photos
For vehicles, we will ask you to take your car to our facility for photo shootings. For other items, please take a lot of good photos, including close up and wide shoot, to show the real side of it!
4) Ready To Sell!
Once everything is set, we will post your item on Car Farm and start the 7 days of auction period. Be prepared for questions from the buyers! For vehicle, you can choose our concierge service to cater car viewing.
5) Sold!
Once the auction is completed with highest bid above the reserve price, we will send your contact to the auction winner once our service charge is collected successfully. Please arrange payment collection and item delivery with the auction winner within 7 days.