When it comes to ‘Japanese supercar’ from the 90s peak era, cars like Nissan’s ‘Godzilla’ instantly spring to mind. But given the unpredictability of European exotics, long-term reliability is sometimes on the list for those looking to enjoy a midengined sports car. If 90s styling (complete with pop-up headlights), an excellent midengined chassis, and engineering with the blessing of one of motorsports’ legends is what you seek, look none other than Honda’s NSX.

The NA1-generation Honda NSX, also known as the Acura NSX in North America, is an iconic sports car that forever changed the perception of Japanese automotive engineering. The name ‘NSX is an abbreviation of New, Sports Car, eXperimental.’ Unveiled in 1990, the NSX was Honda’s ambitious endeavor to challenge the dominance of established European sports car manufacturers. Its development was driven by the vision of creating a supercar that offered exceptional performance, precise handling, and everyday drivability.

To achieve this, Honda collaborated with a Brazilian legend, none other than the late F1 racing legend, Aryton Senna. Senna himself provided input during the testing and fine-tuning stages. The result was a masterpiece that showcased Honda’s engineering prowess and set new benchmarks for performance and handling among performance sports cars. Aryton Senna’s expertise and feedback were instrumental in fine-tuning the NSX’s suspension and chassis dynamics, specifically advising Honda’s engineers to stiffen the chassis and fine tuning the suspension settings for better handling. Hence the NSXs unofficial title as the lesser known ‘Senna’ car next to the McLaren Senna hypercar.

Engine choices included a 3.0 and 3.2 liter V6 featuring Honda’s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system,  mated to either a 5 speed manual gearbox or 4 speed automatic transmission. A 6 speed manual was added for later models. A revised model was released in 2001, which prominently saw the replacement of the pop-up headlights with fixed xenon HID headlight units. The NSX’s lightweight aluminum body and innovative chassis design, featuring an all-aluminum monocoque, contribute to its remarkable agility and responsiveness. The car’s aerodynamic styling, coupled with its finely tuned suspension and precise steering, allows for exceptional cornering and a thrilling driving experience.

The NA1-generation NSX was a true testament to Honda’s engineering prowess, redefining the supercar landscape and leaving an enduring legacy that continues to draw appreciation among JDM fans, car enthusiasts, and collectors alike. ts history and development, coupled with the involvement of the legendary Aryton Senna, highlight its pedigree. The combination of a finely tuned engine, exceptional performance, and Senna’s expertise in honing its dynamics solidified the NSX’s position as a formidable competitor in the sports car realm. Even today, the NA1-generation NSX remains an icon, embodying the perfect fusion of performance, drivability, and sheer exhilaration that continues to captivate the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

The Car Farm has a number of NSXs currently available – both NA1 and NA2 generation. In addition, we have previously sold a few examples – from a collector-spec NSX Type S, as well as exporting a NA1-generation NSX with a number of tasteful modifications to a buyer abroad. Whether you have your eyes on a NSX as your 90s poster childhood dream car, to learning about it in Gran Turismo, we can assist to help you find the one for you: should you be in the market for this midengined JDM legend.

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